Thoughts on Impeachment in the Early Going

To play devil’s advocate for a moment, the corruption at the core of the latest Ukraine scandal is real. Unless crack-addicted loser sons of U.S. senators getting offered plum spots on the board of a foreign oil and gas company is more commonplace than I’ve been led to believe, there’s a place that’s soft for digging here. As an attack on Biden it’d probably be fruitful, outside of the irony of Donald fucking Trump making an accusation of nepotism. But that wasn’t enough. Instead of using this fiasco as a straightforward attack on a Presidential opponent, he actually thought pushing the Ukrainians on it was the kind of thing a head of state can do without consequences. This mob idea that “not saying the thing directly while implicitly communicating it anyway” gives one plausible deniability is as stupid as it is cynically optimistic.

It has been clear for months to everyone but Pelosi that the strategy, “Let Trump get away with open corruption and hope he eventually just goes away” wasn’t putting the party in an advantageous position. The optics of protecting the children of the politically powerful from scrutiny are awful. It makes the entire undertaking of impeachment look like a tantrum thrown by the branch in opposition of America’s political oligarchy. Nevertheless, it looks like that’s gonna be the double-edged sword the Democrats wield as they ride into battle now. This is gonna be the latest in a line of exhausting shitshows that’s continued unbroken since election night 2016. It could also give Trump, whose health is visibly failing and for whom questions of fitness for office and emerging signs of dementia are becoming more frequent, an out, if he weren’t such a toxic narcissist that he’d never, ever go willingly from something he believes he earned.

If you’re still on a social media outlet that’s gonna expose you to the churning, nonstop idiocy of it all, for the love of God, get off of it.

edit: Oh, for the love of Jesus.