Tumblring Ever Downward

Six years after it was sold to Yahoo for over a billion dollars, Tumblr’s been sold to Automattic by Verizon for a rumored three million. In relative terms, that’s buying a used car for a grand and being offered a cup of drip coffee one and a half Presidential election cycles later. It really drives home the point that when the internet’s fundamental economics run on advertising, even a property Alexa ranks within the top 100 sites visited on the web isn’t worth much if it can’t be monetized. Finally, perhaps most egregiously, the porn ban remains in effect. Time will tell if Automattic bothers to enforce that beyond token gestures after Verizon/Oath’s disastrous attempt to sanitize the platform late last year.


I’m working on bigger things. Stay tuned.

News of the World and the Self, 06/27/19

“It’s a strange world, isn’t it?”

Kino Lorber is a video and film distributor who’s done a lot of great work. This week they released a Blu-ray of David Lynch’s LOST HIGHWAY, a 1997 thriller-cum-mindbender that’s one of my favorite films. I’m thrilled, and the release sports strong audio and video. For a film with dark, demanding cinematography and which has had a very bumpy history in that regard, it’s great news.

Unfortunately it seems David Lynch was unhappy that Kino got the rights instead of Criterion, and issued the following statement, reproduced verbatim from its source:

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Damn It, Jaden

The son of Will and Jada-Pinkett Smith, Jaden Smith has been foisted into the public eye to decidedly mixed results. But his brand was arguably established by his Twitter feed, a soupy mixture of faux philosophy and surely-he’s-stoned non sequiturs. And yesterday, the Huffington Post published an article where he’s asked to explain a selection of his most famous thoughts.

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